ODEG | Portfolio Werbeagentur Berlin

ODEG - Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn

Runs on all lines

ODEG | Portfolio Werbeagentur Berlin

Corporate Identity Relaunch

Transport redefined

Communication on all lines. Presented: The logo and the fact that the ODEG is the largest private railway in the east of Germany with a line length of around 1,200 km. SALZ liked to jump on the train. The result: campaign, online appearance, marketing materials, ...

ODEG | Portfolio Werbeagentur Berlin

Of course SALZ was also responsible for the new online presence of ODEG. With intuitive interface, aligned to the requirements of the use cases of ODEG travelers and visitors. Technology? Open Source (Concrete 5) and already in 2012, responsive, inclusive integration of live data: schedule deviations are just as important to travelers as the train crew. Welcome on the road.