Advertising Agency with a Code of Ethics

Ethikkodex | Salz Werbeagentur Berlin

Truly. Good.

Sometimes wild, sometimes turbulent. Always unique and always unexpected. This is how SALZ operates. With much beloved free space – and still some fixed limits. Here SALZ knows no below, above, around. 2002 SALZ has defined this Code of ethics for business communications. And signed. Since then it is valid for every project ...

Ethikkodex 01 | Salz Werbeagentur Berlin

Creation is not a democratic process.

Ethikkodex 02 | Salz Werbeagentur Berlin

Ideas are unique - the emergence of the new requires changing what already exists and abandoning what is past its time.

Ethikkodex 03 | Salz Werbeagentur Berlin

Prefabricated ideas and copy-cat material shall not be used.

Ethikkodex 04 | Salz Werbeagentur Berlin

Advertising is not a vehicle for superficial platitudes for their own sake.

Ethikkodex 05 | Salz Werbeagentur Berlin

The agency does not reference itself.

Ethikkodex 06 | Salz Werbeagentur Berlin

Authenticity creates long-term success, not deception, misrepresentation or concealment of facts.

Ethikkodex 07 | Salz Werbeagentur Berlin

Violence, suffering and moral values are unsuitable topics for business communication. Advertising messages that imply or incite destruction, threatening, humiliation or marginalization are not acceptable.

Ethikkodex 08 | Salz Werbeagentur Berlin

Impact and success of communication are monitored.

Ethikkodex 09 | Salz Werbeagentur Berlin

1% of the agency's gross income is donated to charity.

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