Corporate social responsibility

Our focus is not on offering superficial solutions but on creating a sustainable success story.

SALZ places great emphasis on sustainability. Whether it's the business relationships SALZ maintains with its clients, the developed solutions, or the produced material.

Companies should contribute towards an ecologically and socially balanced society – because running a successful business and social responsibility should go hand-in-hand. There is plenty you can do, SALZ would be pleased to advise you.

SALZ practices what it preaches: green energy, recycling, CO2 neutral hosting and printing are only some of the greenie points.

CO2 neutral printing

SALZ partners with print shops who participate in the climate-friendly initative of the German Printing and Media Industries Association. This means:

- Using a CO2 calculator, the print shop estimates the CO2 emission factor for each job and for total production.
- Upon request, the print shop compensates for total CO2 emissions of a print job by purchasing certificates in climate protection projects of equivalent value.
- Products printed in this way are allowed to display the „Print CO2 compensated“ seal.

CO2 neutral hosting

SALZ has established itself as a website specialist in recent years. Our trusted web hosting provider agrees that protecting the environment is as important to them as it is to us.

Climate neutral hosting is achieved at domainFACTORY by purchasing environmentally-significant CO2 emission reduction certificates in a wind power project in India. By purchasing these certificates, in compliance with and approved by the UN Climate Convention Agreement, domainFACTORY compensates for CO2 emissions during its printing processes by supplying CO2 emission-free electricity into the Indian power grid.

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