The 1%-principle

Profit-oriented entrepreneurship and sense of responsibility shall not mutually exclude each other.

Therefore SALZ quaterly donates one percent of their realized gross Income to selected charities.

The selection of the organizations is not always easy and for sure is affected by personal perspectives and experiences.

Hence SALZ preselects a local, a global and a social organization. The final decision of who should be supported is made by the clients – ever since 2004.



If anyone did that...

If everyone did that …

According to the Statistical Yearbook, the profit of the listed corporate enterprises in Germany amounted to 1,042.5 Billion Euro in 2016.

If every corporation would donate only one percent of their profit 1 billion Euro would currently be available for good causes. With that amount of money, for example, 26 million sponsorships for children all over the world could be taken on for one year. Or, for one year, 2.7 million children could look forward to a daily warm meal at Johanniter Soup Kitchen. With only 1% of the annual gross income one could fully finance medical aid in 42 countries through Doctors Without Borders.

The first stone has been laid – SALZ is happy about every other campaigner!

This is what SALZ does

Since 2004 SALZ makes one hundredth a whole. From 2009 to today SALZ has donated to the adjoining organizations, often with excellent support from