Workshops and consultancy

For management, marketing and communications departments

SALZ gives advice. And then implements.

Step one: to work out the really relevant aspects with you and then develop appropriate solutions. SALZ bundles experiences from over 18 years - for startups, for relaunches, for state-of-the-art communication, for all.

The SALZ credo

"As much result as possible, as little advice as necessary" guarantees a strategic and creative sparring, which gives new momentum to your business.

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Workshop / Coaching: Communication for startups

Questions upon questions

Founders are curious, eager to experiment, make quick decisions. But only very few are communication professionals.

Here we answer questions like:

  • How do I get started?
  • How much corporate design, app, website, trade fair, social media, etc. can I expect for my budget
  • How do I set up my communication team, when do I need a CMO?
  • What data do I want to collect and can I evaluate?
  • Which channels do I develop in-house, which externally?

Numerous founding teams in New & Old-Ecnomy SALZ already has supported, i.a. with interim management. Founder and CEO Alf Arnold has supported numerous startups for many years as part of the (completed) KfW program Gründercoaching.

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Workshop: Restart and order


... would be the more familial term for this situation. But every company also struggles with historically grown visuals, phrases, data, thought patterns.

Often, marketing staff and agencies have developed communication further in many directions. Maybe, the style guide only just has a symbolic character, corporate communication will become a patchwork, and various messages will appear in different channels.

No problem, SALZ likes to sort and assess. Old and new, bad and good - and best. What fits the strategic vision, where are potentials and what belongs in the trash.

This is how the relaunch succeeds, all decision-makers come along and the corporate communications are once again in one piece.

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Consulting: Digital Communication

"We have to become more digital"

With this request both management and the communication departments approach SALZ on a regular basis.
Especially for medium-sized companies as well as industrial companies that have been successfully established in the market for a long time there is an acute need for action in digital strategy.
SALZ supports the digital transformation in marketing:

  • How do I gain prospects, which data do I evaluate?
  • How do I address my customers on which digital channels?
  • How do I best use social media?
  • How do I use career portals efficiently?
  • What does HR communication mean to me?
  • Do I need an explanatory video now?
  • Which legal aspects do I have to illuminate?
  • What role do SEM / SEO strategies play in my business?

SALZ helps and resolves all these questions for state-of-the-art communication on the digital channels.
We are looking forward to your message.

Expert session: experience and result

Experts + Decision Maker = Result

When it has to be done quickly. But also good.

A strategy creative team from SALZ (gladly supplemented by suitable specialists) and the marketing decision-makers bundle their energy; Hand in hand, focused, in one place. An meeting without distraction, friends, family, other projects. This is how Design Thinking works.

Focusing on one topic together - the most inspiring way to achieve fast results with lasting impact.


No excuses, no endless discussions.

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Workshops und Beratungen mit der Salz Werbeagentur Berlin